Thursday, 30 July 2015

All About The Port

This is my presentation I made about port in New Zealand ( one of the slides has a map of the port.)
And I hope you like this   

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Manuka Bowling Center

Last Friday holiday me and the people in church and in my youth to manuka bowling center.We want for a tip because we were all good at youth boring practice for church.

When we got there we had to waited in the car for along time.Then I said that person who told us to came at 7.00pm was selfish because he came late.In the car I almost puch my sister seini in the face.I was so greedy and ate all the food that was in the car I was in so much trouble.

When they got to the bowling center I was so happy to see them and joyful as well.When they came inside my tiny cousin named Lotu.My cousin is a boy if you thing it is lotu in our school it’s not.Anyway we all want in and it was coulful the I saw were blue,red,green and yellow.

We had to wait for some other people in our youth.So we were so tried we just stated when we stated my cousin Inlay  then Me,Seini,Rait, Piecca and Faka’u.My cousin Inlay had 25 I had 106 Seini had 79 Rait had 35 Piecca had 79 and Faka’u had 99.The 2th one Inlay had 25 agein I had 79 Seini had 78 Rait had 7 Piecca had 35 and Faka’u had 44.

After that we all want to my cousin house to eat pizza.But before we ate we had to do a family pray Then we all ate pizza.Then they my Aunty want and bought some dirkes.the flavor I had was green.My sisther Seini had red and Lisia had green as well.Then when we had a other pray before going home.

Monday, 20 July 2015

My word cloud about my Holiday

This is a picture of words I did in the Holidays.
The thing I did was going bowling with my youth and the people in my church. 

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Latu's Game Animation

This is my game I have made for our theme for this team.Our theme for this year is thinking tools and toys.
Are you tired of playing hand games on a wet lunchtime? Well I made an animation called The rings of fire that you could play instead.Come and play it and it will be fun,

My Character is called Flame Boy and he is trying to save the world  from the  evil man named Arrow Man! Please help Flame boy save the world and it will blow your mind.      
To begin now you have to use the arrow keys. But make sure you use all the arrow keys. The keys are Left, Right, Up and Down.
You gain points and win the game when you kill Arrow man. But when Arrow man get’s his arrow from the back of his black shirt then he will aim for you. If he hits you you will lose a life.
To not get shot from Arrow man you have to throw your fireballs. I will tell you how to throw it. The letter you have to hit is Z to throw.   
That’s the end of my game. I hope you really want to play me amazing game.