Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Smart Emails

My Whole Class are learning To Send Smart Emails To People. We had To Write A Email Yo Zoe But It Had To Be A Formal  But Not A Informal Email.  

Thursday, 17 September 2015

A story about a corocodile

One morning a man want fishing for some fish.Then suddenly A Enormous and fat crocodile came out of the water then jump towards the man in the boat and tired to eat the man

The story of a Bull

One morning a man was walking to the beach to have a swim be suddenly a Enormous bull came out of nowhere and the man was sad and ran into the water and swam to the end of the beach.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

My Rubric And Cross Country Writing

On Monday the 7th of September Point England school had Cross Country it  was on the field next to the park.Where everyone plays.

After lunch the bell rang the whole school went straight to the field to start Cross Country. When we got there there lots of people were talking and running around.Then Mr Burt went up and told all of us want to do and some more things then we start.

First were the year 1 boys then the year 1 girls. Then it keeped on going and then it was the year 5 boys then the year 7 boys then the year 5 girls.But I didn't run because My dad didn’t want me to get sick. But I still wanted to run on Cross Country.  Insted

When Cross Country was over I was so happy because I was so hot because I was sitting in the sun. Then room 9 and 10 went back to class and had free time.After free time it was home time. It was fun having free time and Not running too.