Thursday, 19 March 2015

Year 5 and 6 camp

Have you been to Year 5 and 6 Camp? Well last week I got to go year 5 and 6 camp and it was at the school fide.Some of the the year 5 and 6’s came camp.The camp group I was in was Real DealZ.The camp group were All Sater,Matapono e,True Crew, The Commitments, and Honest Squad.So we can have fun.

The first activity was top town and it is also called kill zone! There was the blue mountain,tunnel of doom the best of all was the screaming eels and gum boot throw and war zone” we all played on the bottom fide.

Was Real DeakZ and the True Crew.We came last but at least we tried and I was happy.My favourite activity was sleeping because it was so so hot! I was in the tent with Eva and mereana.

I had lots of fun sleeping.I felt tired at the end of camp when we came back from the Mangere pools. But I did not want to go home.  

Tui presentasen

 My raeding group has been leaning about new zealand birds like tui I hope you like it.

Friday, 6 March 2015

look out for pokeko

We have been learing about pokeko .They like living next to pade and lake's.They like eating woms. If you see a pokeko you need to be quiet so you did not scarethem away.