Tuesday, 21 November 2017

The Gingerbread Man

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The Gingerbread Man
Once upon a time, there were a little old woman and a little old man who lived in a big Mansion. The little old woman and the little old man were hungry, so the little old woman decided to bake a gingerbread man.

As the Gingerbread Man was being baked the little old lady departed the room in a hurry, when she was gone there was something lurking around the oven then the oven door opened and the gingerbread man leaped out of the oven and went to the leftover Gingerbread dough and made a Gingerbread Lady because he was friendless and he wanted someone to love.

When he finish making the Gingerbread Lady he put her in the oven to cook. When she was done the Gingerbread Man opened the oven door and she leaped out discreetly. When she leaped out of the oven she was wearing a sugar coated as her dress and M&M’s for eyes and mouth.

As they were observing each other the little old lady walked in and saw the two Gingerbread's and fainted and the Gingerbread Man and the Gingerbread Lady absconded out the door and made a house near the lake.
The End

Wednesday, 8 November 2017


In this task we had to read a text and answer the question on the slide that the question are on or make a new slide to make it fit. Hopeful you enjoy reading this google presentation. 

The Rules

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Mr Patterson inspiring talk

!Mr Patterson inspiring talk!
Today Mr Patterson came to Pt England School to talk to all the year 7 & 8 about what we want to be in the feature and how to give then take from people. That's when he asked What do you want to be in the feature? then I was thinking and think I want to be a Sport that's plan A and plan B is to be a Layer. My favourite part about his talk A + I = M, the meaning of AIM is A is Aspiration, Aspiration is what you want to do in the feature, I is Inspiration, Inspiration is who inspires you and M is Motivation, Motivation is what Aspiration and Inspiration equals. This has inspired me to work harder in the feature and to also help people who need it.  
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