Saturday, 21 November 2015

Athletics day

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On friday the 13th of november Point England had athletics day. I was so happy because I was in the best team, Te Aurere. There are more colors like, Hine Moana which is for blue , Hikianalia is yellow and Hokule'a is green.The best team is Te Aurere the red team.

First we had tug of war.  We were playing against the blue team it was Hine Moana and we won it was so hard because they put the Strongest in the front was Jasmany Hopper. My heads were red.    

The next game was relay races and we came third but I had to be in blue because there were only 5 girls in team.  I asked if I could go and she said yes. When we were there we had to pass the Stuck to our team and make sure you don’t drop it.

Then it was time for the team Leaders to choose year 5 up to year 8 kids for who is running for the relay race.The teams had to try come first,second or third and we came third.Then it was home time and I was happy because I was so tired.   

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Egg Friend Race

On Wednesday 21st of October I came to school wondering what are we going to do. Then I saw Mr Bax’s holding a tray of eggs and I ask him what are we doing today. I also saw him with some vivids.

The first thing we had to do was get an egg. Then we get a vivid each. I drew eyes and some hair on my egg. After that I went and put my Vivid away. Then I dropped my  egg on the table and sadly I had a brain surgery.

Then I told Mr Bax that my egg had a brain surgery. And he said it’s alright you can just leave him with the other eggs while we are going to the pack.

When we got to the park we were about to start an egg race.  But sadly my friend was already died.So I did nothing.

My fav Thing about it was when my friend died and I wasn’t in the egg race.       

Thursday, 5 November 2015

My Creative Writing

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On Wednesday 2015 Me and some people went in a train to north land to Take photos of some animals. Then well were going I saw a sign that said wrong way but the driver was still driving. When he was driving I Jump off the train and then I was flew like a bird. But I looked up and there where birds holding me so I didn't do anything.After a min I saw some people and then the bird drop me on the ground.