Tuesday, 29 October 2019

NZ is a Democracy

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New Zealand has a democratic system of government when people vote for the party they want to lead, so when our parents vote they vote for a party and if that party wins they must come up as a group for who there Prime Minister should be. The people we vote for are called MP's also known as Member of Parliament. We don't vote every year but every 3rd year, which means the next New Zealand Government election is in 2020 which is next year. When we vote we are also voting for the MP's which will then become apart of the House of Representatives. The way elections work is when you vote for a party and they get half the votes they get most of the sits in the House Of Representatives,

Thursday, 5 September 2019

The Three Branches of the New Zealand Government

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For the past few weeks or so in Social Studies we had to learn about the government and the three different branches of the Government. The Three Branches include Legislature, Executive and Judiciary. These branches work on different parts of the government body. The first branch is the Legislature branch, this branch creates the laws that we as New Zealanders must apply to which are presented to us by the people of the government which is also called the house of representatives. Next on the list are the Executives who are people that administer the laws and make sure the people in apply to it which include people such as Police, Head of Government and other important roles. Last is the Judicial also Judiciary is the Branch that is in charge of courts and putting away people who break rules either in Jail or House Arrest. There are 6 courts where they make there decisions one is the Supreme Court is the highest court; the ten-member Court of Appeal hears appeals from the High Court on points of law; the High Court deals with serious criminal offenses and civil matters, and hears appeals from the lower courts; and the District Court, which meets in fifty-eight locations. There is also a separate Māori Land Court and Māori Appellate Court.

Thursday, 30 May 2019


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In this world we have around 6,500 languages that are being spoken to this day. But each year more and more people forget how to speak there language, so why is it important to hold onto your language of our ancestors? Well it's important to hold on to your language because if you forget it and everyone that knows the language forgets how to speak it you may never remember it again and the language you once knew is now dead, which also means your kids may never be able to know where there parents or ancestors were from and wouldn't be able to learn the main culture.

But if you were to move to a different country what would you do to maintain your language? You could keep you culture maintained by staying connected to your family and friends at your country of origin. You could also teach your kids at a younger age so they are able to teach there friends and they won't forget how to speak the language.

Thursday, 9 May 2019


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A community is the place you call home, but we all move around a lot so we visit and stay in different communities, but Around the world there are different communities. They also come in different sizes either big or small, and yes we all belong to a community but if some one was to ask you "what is a community and what is important to you in your community" what would you say? Well to me a community is a place where people can come together and are able to meet new people and maybe in the process make new friends with the many people they meet. There are also important things in our community that we need to use daily like dairies, Te Oro and The Library, These are important because we use Dairies to buy food, Te Oro to celebrate different things and the library to find books you are interested in and read them. This community is important to me because I've lived here most of my life and I've found this community encouraging because they are always helping people around. So what do you found important in your community and why is it important to you?

Thursday, 2 May 2019

Te Reo Maori

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Te Reo Maori the indigenous language of this nation most of us live in, but what we hadn't known is that this language was actually dying. This happened because they changed they attitudes towards learning their own language.Because of this everything changed and people thought the language was worthless teaching. I found this interesting that actor Eds Eramiha found it hard to imagine the scene that just happened 20 years ago, he also said he never would’ve called Te Reo Maori a dying language.

This miss convenient event took place around the mid 1980s. At the exact time of the 1900s Te Reo Maori was banned in schools around New Zealand for much of this year, but around the 1980s many Maori people that lived on the countryside packed and moved into the cities. It was when they moved they had to speak english in the city. I never thought that the Maori language would have been that troubled back than, because living in the native country a lot of people know the language and a lot of people already know how to speak it which is why I would’ve never thought it was a dying language. Til I kept reading though the story I found out that the language was so troubled only ⅕ were able to speak this magnificent language. Then things changed people started learning Te Reo Maori and the Language became Popular again.

People didn’t just learn it outside of school, schools where now allowing teachers to teach Te Reo Maori. Not just to speak it but also to sing Waiata which mean songs which are treasuring to the language. I thought this story was quite interesting because Te Reo Maori is a very easy language to speak and also to learn and to know that it was almost gone is just so sad but I’m glad we still have the Language in our world.

Thursday, 11 April 2019

2019 Science Term 1

Layers Of The Earth
This Term in science we learnt about the layers of the earth. As part of our project we had to find out what the different layers are and what makes that layer perfect. The layers is Crust, Mantle, Outer Core, and Inner Core. We also found out what other layers there are in the earth that is important like the lithosphere and the asthenosphere. There are also two other crust called the Oceanic Crust and Continental Crust.
Plate Tectonics
Through this term we also learnt about the Plate Tectonics. We found that Plate Tectonics are the reason why the Pangaea which was one big continent was divide because of the moving of the Tectonic Plates. The three Plate Tectonic movements are Divergent, Convergent and Transform which do different things,the Divergent Plates is when two plates move away from each other, Convergent Plates is when two plates come in together and move in, and finally Transform Plates is when the two plates motion is predominantly horizontal.
Our class also learnt about volcanoes. We also learnt about the different things that made the volcano erupt. The parts of the volcanoes is the Vent, Ash Cloud, Crater, Parasitic Cone, Throat, Lava, Lava Flow, Conduit our people call it the pipe, Ash, the sill and the Magma Reservoir. These are the eleven things that make a volcano erupt.
And finally we learnt about earthquakes. I found out that Earthquakes are connected to the Tectonic Plates. I found this out by study the movement of the Earth and saw that it was moving like the Tectonic Plate boundary called Transform.  

Term 1 Migration Presentation

Image result for Ireland mixed with new zealand flagIn our year 9 Social Studies we had to present a presentation about countries that migrated to another country. Me and my partner had to make a migration presentation about Ireland and how life was for them. I think me and my partner had made a great presentation that had good reason to why they left there country to a different country, I also think our communication towards one another was good because we both worked together to get our presentation done. I think we could work better on making our presentation much more colorful and making sure that we use our vocabulary in it better. Being apart of the audience I feel like I did a great job in being a positive audience member and also having great listening skills towards what the other groups were saying.