Monday, 11 April 2016

FiaFia 2016


Guess what?On the 7th of April 2016 our school had fiafia.At fiafia there was alot of ymmy food like cupcakes and more.I ate chop suey with rice.After everyone had there food all the student’s in Pt england had to go to there holding room.My holding room was at maker sapce Near room 18 and 17.After a few mins we had to leave our holding room’s and go to the Field.Whlie we were on the field Mr Burt told us things then the Maori group Went on the stage.After there peforeman’s my group Rock Band went on the stage.Our name was the flying wolf’s.The sing my group sang was called “Sweet Child Of Mean”.I sang the second verse of the song.After we finsh we had to take off all the instruments then we had to go and sit in our lines.What I liked about Fiafia was all the food and the Peforman’s.My favourite peformans was the tagon boys.I hope you like my blog post.  

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Latu's Year 5 and 6 camp

TOday I spent some time reading blogs about camp.  The first blog I read was Aneelis.  What I like about Aneelis was how she said “On wednesday we had year ⅚ camp.  Because it is nice and Peaceful like when she wrote it. Then I read Samoa .What I like about Samoa’s is that she always liked  talking about what her group always did.What I like about Samoa’s is that she always liked  talking about what her group always did.Then I read Kei .I like the why kei told us about her leaders.I really like this part is because she know’s her leaders.Then I read Angels.I like this post it's because she likes Jump Jam.I like it because she likes jump jam in the morning and is not lazy.Then I read Memory.I like that she likes that they did anything as there fsirt game.I like it because it is fun and it sounds cool

Latu's Animation

Latu Volcano from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

This team we are learning how volcano's Exploded.I hope you like it.