Monday, 8 December 2014


                                               I HOPE YOU ENJOY MY MOVIE.

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Latu's pig faddy

The farm was down a long, muddy track, far away from the main highway.It was not often that the farm was quiet.For nearly one hundred years, the farm had been nestled on the side of the hill next to the babbling creek.Fisly When my pig faddy saw the hay it wastidy, packed, bales of hay rested in a neat array.Sakly when faddy saw the water tanks stood to attention like three rotund guards.Trdly when faddy was rolling down the hills caught the long shadows of the late afternoon sun.Lasly my pig faddy leves in the old barn was home - comforting, cosy and always busy with its inhabitants.

latu's skater

Eventually I reached the crest of the hill, and that is where I saw him first.When I saw the boy when he'd than His stern concentration causes the skater to frohe.Furthermore when he was doing his moves he was he shifts his weight, allowing for the board to rotate in mid-air.Fisly when the skater then he'd move his body is silhouetted against the soft pink dusk sky.lisly when he was doing a flip he was a heat haze covers the city in a steamy blanket, turning the hills to a pastel mauve and It was clear that the skater was oblivious to my presence.