Thursday, 15 October 2015



Guest What ?  On the holidays me and my youth went ice skating on Week 2 of the holidays and it was at pakuranga for a family fun Night at ice skating.

Before we all what inside we had to do the family prayer.After the prayer we all what inside and we what and got our ice skating shoe.Then after that we all put on our ice skating shoe before we what for a skate. Once I got in the ice  I fell but I stood back up  and started skating to my little sister and ask her to help me skate to the other side but she said NO! I was going to hit her on the head but I didn't.

After we finish skating we all when to my Aunt’s house and watched T.V and Some of them were sleeping on the chair and some were on the bed sleeping.After all of that I saw my little sister crawling to our mum then she saw me looking at her and she got mad they came and hit me on the head but I didn’t care.

Then my Father called me to go and get the food with him.I was so happy because if I didn’t go with him I wanted have ate my sisters apple.When we come back the people  home asks what did we buy.Then my dad said we got K.F.C for dinner.When he said K.F.C I was smiling my eyes out because I harger.After that the prayer then we ate.

I like the bit when the whole family ate K.F.C and how I was falling when we were ice skating at pakuranga.Than we all want home to sleep for church on sunday.