Thursday, 9 June 2016

Will He Save Her?

Start Writing Here:

In a sunshiny and Beautiful morning a boy named Jack and his friend’s Mac, Mark,Jeff and Don want to a building across the street.While they were walking through the shortcut they all saw a building and Jeff said do you guys want to play Idare you in that building and they all said YES very loured. So.So they want they want up a skinny and very cold leader up to the top of the building.

While they were there they played I dare you when they first started Jeff, Mark and Jack got Mac and Don so they all dared Mac and Don the something.They had to hit himself ten times.The second time they played Mac, Mark,Jeff and Don all got Jack.His dare from all of them was to jump off the building.So Jack Stud up and stud at the Edge of the building getting ready to jump.He looked to the back and said I give you all food and this is what I get.They said it’s I dare you so then he look to the front then someone pushed him.

While he was falling he heard a hard and random sound.He looked to the side but saw nothing then he looked other but saw nothing.Then when Jack looked to the front someone or something grabbed him and flu Jack back up to the building.When he made it back to the top of the building with Jack, Jack asked how are you.And the man said I’m superman,I’m the man who saved your life.Now  why were you falling down the building?I got dared to jump off this.But I asked why were you falling? OK I was about to jump off right so I was going to jump but I stared for a little while,And then someone pushed me and I fall off the edge of the building. Then I like you boys should go home or your present will think something's wrong.

As they walk back home they saw kids playing in the road with their family.So they want home as fast as they could. Once day got home they want to sleep.


  1. Nice job Latu! You are really learning to develop your writing but I would love to see you spend some more time on the editing step. We need to really focus on punctuation and spelling. We will be looking at how to punctuate dialogue in the weeks to come.