Thursday, 5 May 2016

Immersion Assembly

Immersion Assembly Term 2

Guess what?It’s the beginning of term 2.We had Immersion Assembly in the school hall.The whole school was there.It was on Monday 2th of may.They siad “There are movies made by the teachers in every team.

Once we walked in the door we all came and sat down.While we were sitting we all looked at the projector and it side as i see it the topic for this term.After they showed us the topic for this term they showed us a lot of things like movies and pictures about art.     

Next they showed us movies from team 1 first.They are telling us about their favorite thing’s.After team 1 it was team 2 next.They are learning about seasons.Like winter,summer,spring and autumn.Next was team 3 they are learning about building things.

Next was team 4 that’s my team.We’re learning about superhero's.What is your favorite superhero?While mean is Batman and Superman.In the movie the team 4 teachers put soned’s like KAPOW and POW.The superhero names were Team Leader America,Bat Guy,Wondering Women.The name of the bad guy was Baer Bax’s.Baer Bax’s stole Bobby Jon’s Chomebook.And two amateur hero’s tired to stop Baer Bax’s but he bate them up.After two min’s a group called “THE TEACHER VENGERS came and Bat Guy want and freed the two amateur hero’s.The two superhero’s want puched and kicked.Then they put him in jail and lfted him there forever well not for ever like just 13 year’s in jail.

Immersion Assembly made me feel so excited about the rest of the term.My favorite team was team 3.I like team 3 because they inspire me to make building’s.This team I’m looking forward to be doing art at school.”I CAN’T WAIT!  

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  1. Hi latu I like your blog post about the Teacher vengers it has funny about the amateur they were not ready to fights but they got caught by bear bax that was good time good time by