Thursday, 15 September 2016

Summary Logo

Today I read text called Drug-free Sport Logo Explanation
Malo e lelei and greeting to you all my name is Latu. I have been reading a text call Drug-free Sport Logo Explanation
By using drugs in sport like the olympics to help the athletes cheat. In the text I’ve read this good text which is Zero Tolerance, Equality, The Torch and The Target. First we can talk about zero tolerance, the reason the olympics have zero tolerance is so they can understand the anti-doping rules and having Zero Tolerance for cheating in sport. Equality is about integrity and fair play and in doing so, we protect the integrity of sport and the spirit of fair play. The Torch means leadership and the spirit of sport and echoing the olympic torch, this symbol highlights our pledge to be a leader in promoting excellence in sport and our dedication to the values and qualities embodied in the true spirit of sport. Last one is The Target which means focus and commitment and the target also is highlight our focus and commitment to ensuring New Zealand sport is clean and drug free and reflects the focus and commitment required of the athletes we work with to be their very best

I learnt that summary logos are about how people in the olympics use drugs to cheat in the games and that they have these zones.
Want I found interesting is when people use drugs to try and cheat in any of their games to try and cheat to come first or second in the olympics.
I am very surprised that athletes use drugs to cheat in every game that they have in the olympics, and also have anti-doping.
I will like to know more about why people use drugs to and why they use drugs to cheat.   



Tuesday, 13 September 2016


Title: Bush Narrative
Orientations: who Me and family,what hunting ,where in the forest,when on friday the 9th of september ,how in the car.
Problem: We were lost
Solution: Look for a path


On Friday the 9th of September in our hot and Crowded car my family and I were looking for a place to hunt in.  Then, we found the perfect spot to hunt at. While we were hunting I saw a huge bear.
I went and told my Dad about the huge bear. “Let’s go and get it then!” he yelled to us all in a evil grin.

While we were hunting we lost the path back to our camping site. I yelled and screamed at my little brother because he was supposed to stay at the camping site. When we caught the bear we can all give him the signal to signal us back to the camping site, “Oh well,” said my brother in shame.

“What do you mean? Oh well,” I said.

He said “ I mean we don’t have a way back to the site so we can go back home.”

While we were walking my little brother saw fire coming from a camp spot. We ran all the way to the spot and we forgot where we were going.  Then, we found our camping spot. After that hunt my dad said, “That is the last time we are going camping.”

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Using our Muscles

This is a drawing about muscle fatigue. Some facts about muscle fatigue is that your Muscle is a soft tissue in the body of humans and animals. Its main purpose is to produce force and motion and other ones are Muscles are responsible for maintaining posture, physical movement (sitting, walking, eating, etc), and movement of internal organs (such as keeping the heart pumping to circulate blood and moving food through the digestive system).


On Monday me and My friend Fred what fishing down it the Point England beach. We only get one fish to celebrate my birthday.

Then I told fred, “Take out the binoculars to see if there were seagulls diving down for fish.”

“THERE IS NOT A SINGLE SEAGULL FLYING OR DIVING!” he yelled. Then after a while I asked him to check again those time he saw seagulls diving. Then we what to where they were.

We started to throw the fishing rods into the water, we waited and waited and then Fred's rod started moving, “WHAT SHOULD I DO!” yelled Fred,

“I DON'T KNOW” I shouted. Then  he started bring it back up until the fish came flying through the air splashing water like a roaring lion jumping up and down the track.

Once it got into our boat flapping its tail. The fish was huge and the mouth was like a hippo yawning, “We should throw it back” “WHY?” he asked,”because when hiwi the kiwi came to school when we were younger they told as to put the big fish back into the sea,” and get the medium fish because they are better tasting”. “Now I know why because I forgot”

Rules for Hiwi The Kiwi:
1.That you only teach it with a wet tollow  
2.Put back the big fishes into the water so it’s babies can grow

3.Never put a fish back into the water with your hands or it will get sick.

Friday, 2 September 2016

My T-Shirt

This is my T-shirt design of Under Armour and Adidas. My main sponsor is Under Armour because it is an amazing brand, my sub sponsor is Adidas because it is an amazing brand also. Altogether I get payed $12,500 because if I use Under Armour $7,500 and for Adidas I get payed $5,000 so that is why I choose them two.