Thursday, 15 September 2016

Summary Logo

Today I read text called Drug-free Sport Logo Explanation
Malo e lelei and greeting to you all my name is Latu. I have been reading a text call Drug-free Sport Logo Explanation
By using drugs in sport like the olympics to help the athletes cheat. In the text I’ve read this good text which is Zero Tolerance, Equality, The Torch and The Target. First we can talk about zero tolerance, the reason the olympics have zero tolerance is so they can understand the anti-doping rules and having Zero Tolerance for cheating in sport. Equality is about integrity and fair play and in doing so, we protect the integrity of sport and the spirit of fair play. The Torch means leadership and the spirit of sport and echoing the olympic torch, this symbol highlights our pledge to be a leader in promoting excellence in sport and our dedication to the values and qualities embodied in the true spirit of sport. Last one is The Target which means focus and commitment and the target also is highlight our focus and commitment to ensuring New Zealand sport is clean and drug free and reflects the focus and commitment required of the athletes we work with to be their very best

I learnt that summary logos are about how people in the olympics use drugs to cheat in the games and that they have these zones.
Want I found interesting is when people use drugs to try and cheat in any of their games to try and cheat to come first or second in the olympics.
I am very surprised that athletes use drugs to cheat in every game that they have in the olympics, and also have anti-doping.
I will like to know more about why people use drugs to and why they use drugs to cheat.   



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