Tuesday, 13 September 2016


Title: Bush Narrative
Orientations: who Me and family,what hunting ,where in the forest,when on friday the 9th of september ,how in the car.
Problem: We were lost
Solution: Look for a path


On Friday the 9th of September in our hot and Crowded car my family and I were looking for a place to hunt in.  Then, we found the perfect spot to hunt at. While we were hunting I saw a huge bear.
I went and told my Dad about the huge bear. “Let’s go and get it then!” he yelled to us all in a evil grin.

While we were hunting we lost the path back to our camping site. I yelled and screamed at my little brother because he was supposed to stay at the camping site. When we caught the bear we can all give him the signal to signal us back to the camping site, “Oh well,” said my brother in shame.

“What do you mean? Oh well,” I said.

He said “ I mean we don’t have a way back to the site so we can go back home.”

While we were walking my little brother saw fire coming from a camp spot. We ran all the way to the spot and we forgot where we were going.  Then, we found our camping spot. After that hunt my dad said, “That is the last time we are going camping.”

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  1. Well done Latu. I have read your story. It is so good to read when you are bored. Well done keep it up.