Thursday, 3 December 2015

Latu Survivors Animation

Our topic this term is PES survivors. It is about animals adapting to survivor. Our Task this term is to create an animation about an animal from the arctic which goes to the hot desert. I chose a penguin and he lives in the arctic.    

My penguin has thick skin and its colors are white, black and a little yellow and red on  the  head of my penguin.The Flippers help it swim to survive.The penguin has something white on it so it can’t get seen.    

My penguin is going to the desert. But the penguin won't survivor because he will sink into the sand so that's why I am going to make the penguins feet into a red kangaroo’s and the skin is going to yellow so no one can see him and hopefully he can survivor.

I think it is not Possible that a penguin can live in the desert because too different from the Arctic .I wish it can actually live in the desert. Thanks for watching my Animation. Good bye  

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