Thursday, 18 May 2017

Simple, Compounded and Complex's

There was a boy name Jack. He had a lot of friends, he also got everything he ever wanted to have like a bike, Xbox and PS 4 but he didn't enjoy having everything.

One day Jack saw a boy playing on the playground by himself and asked little kids if they need a push on the swing. when Jack saw him by himself he asked if he wanted to play with them but he said nothing and walked away . As the boy walked home Jack was following him to his house. When the boy got in his house Jack knocked on the door.  He waited for the door to open. When it opened Jack walked in without seeing if anyone was inside. When Jack got into the living room the boy hit Jack with his bat then ran out there back door.

This is my writing about simple, Compounded and complex sentences. In this writing I wrote about a boy name Jack how had everything he wanted but was the only kid and never had his cousin come to his house but he also had a lot of friends. Simple is green, Compounded is Blue and Complex is Red.  

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