Monday, 4 September 2017

Cross Country

On Friday the 1st of September we had cross country. Before we even started cross country, our principal was telling us where we had to go and who had to do one lap and who had to do two laps.

When he finally finished the year 1 boys started their race, then it was the year 1 girls, then the year 2 boys, then the year 2 girls, after a lot of waiting it was finally the year seven girls when we went up I was nevs and also existed at the sometime .

When we ran I felt good because I could feel the braze on my sink. I could also feel the mud going throw my toes. I wasn’t really thinking about coming one of the first people, because I just didn’t want to go into zones, but I really did try my best.

When I finally finished my run I was so happy because I thought I wasn’t going to finish my race, I also thought that I was going to come last. Hopefully you enjoyed this Post.

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