Sunday, 25 February 2018

How can we save money?

How can we save money?
People around the world are losing thousand of dollars, but what can we do to help people save money? Here are some ways to save.

One way to save money is to make you gift don’t buy them. The reason why you shouldn’t buy gift is because some kids when they have secret santa they want to buy something cool for there secret santa so they ask their parents to buy things that are so expensive so than their parents won’t have money for there own secret santa.   

Another way to save money is to use less power. Why I think you should use less power is so that when you have only enough money for food you should only use the power for when you it’s night time and sleep before 8.00pm so that you can have more power for tomorrow.

Finally the last why to save money is to buy what you need not what you want. Why I think you should buy what you need not get what you want is because if you buy what you you want like chocolate you kids might ask you to buy them a chocolate and more stuff you will end up using all your money in one shop and not have money left for the important things you were supposed to buy.

Hopefully you use these interesting and easy whys the next time you your dealing with money.  
In this writing room 1 literacy we have been practicing our explanation writing and the topic was How to save money. Hopefully you enjoyed my piece of writing.

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