Thursday, 28 July 2016

Immersion Assembly Term 3

Immersion Assembly Term 3

Did you know that the Rio Olympics start on 5th of August? On Monday 25th of July the whole school came to the school hall. At Immersion assembly the teachers made movies to show us what their teams are doing for this terms topic.

This terms topic is We are the Champions, this is our topic because of the Rio Olympics that is at Brazil. When the whole school was at the hall Mr Jacobsen was holding a camera and Mrs Garden was holding the microphone. To make people think they are filming Mrs Burt.

In Pt England School We have five teams. The teams are teams one,two,three,four and five. The teams had to show or act out what they are going to learn about for this term. The first team up was team one, They are going to be learning about healthy eating and more.

Then it was time for team two to play there moive. Team two is learning about different sport and countries around the world, like America,Tonga,New Zealand and more countries.

The next team is team three. They are learning to know more about the olympic for their quiz in the middle of this term. And they will be learning about sport’s as while .

Now is the best team of all, it is team four. Team four is learning about how the people that are playing for the olympics cheat by having this kind of drugs (LIKE RUSSIA). Did you know that all of the Russians are out of the olympics. Because some of them had taken drugs and they got DNA test.

Last but not least is team five. They will be learning about the country and sport that are in the olympic games for 2016. My favourite sport from the olympics are shout put and Rowing. What’s your favourite sport.

My favourite team was is team four, because they are learning about exposing things in the olympic. Exposing means behind the scenes. In the Rio olympics.   

This Assembly made me happy because of the movies that they showed us. This team I’ll be looking forward for all the games and other things we will be doing.

Walt: use graphic organisers to write a recount.

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