Wednesday, 6 July 2016

My Book Review!!


Hi I will be telling you about my book that I'm reading. The name of the book is called "Ice Planet Adventure" it's about Geronimo Stictonix and his friends are looking for Doctor Oslo Bonsai and his assistants. Because they disappeared while they where having their adventure at the Planet of Photosyntheson, They went to go see what lived there , but they did't get to see who or what lived there because they got hypnotised by the things that lived there. The things that lived their were called "Pluff" the Pluffs were soft and worm like a pillow that people sleep on every night. I got the book from my sister seini and she's a year seven. What I like about the book is when they found them and take them back to the Mousestar 1 (There spaceship) where they lived. My second favorite part of the book was when they all got hypontized, but not Geronimo, I know because he can't stand fur. A BIG THANKS TO GERONIMO FOR GIVING POINT ENGLAND SCHOOL YOUR BOOKS, To make us smile and laugh. I hope like this post. Please leave a comment on my blog post:)

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