Friday, 17 March 2017

!!The amazing world of Polyfest!!

!!The amazing world of Polyfest!!

Have you ever been to Polyfest?? Well on the 16 of march our block went to the opening of Polyfest. Polyfest mean’s Polynesian Festival for different culture’s like samoa, tonga and many more.

Our group went to AUT for our first activity. We learnt about different thing like this person made a app so the people in fiji, we also saw this video about matariki, it showed how the star were formed and it also showed there name.

Image result for polyfest diversity stageAfter all our activities my group went to the Diversity sage and watched different countries like tokelau,fijian,china and korea. Then we went to the moeri stage and saw people singing and dancing with poi’s.
Image result for sweet popcorn

My favourite part of the day was when aysha bort some popcorn for herself but she shared it with all of us.

What I learnt from yesterday is that everyone is apart of something. After all that I’ve learnt different things when I was there, hope fully you go!!!      


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