Wednesday, 29 March 2017

The Prince of Popland

The Prince of Popland
Once upon a time there were two selfish boys. They lived in a place called Popland with was near New york. They both lived in a castle called Prince Palace, there names were Johnny and Jonah.

One day Johnny decided to run away because he didn't want to fight his brother Jonah to be the new king of Popland. As Johnny was  packing his bag to leave his father walked past and told him not to leave because he will beat Jonah and will also become the king but Johnny just walked past his dad and gave him a kiss and said “Forgive me” and left.

After a few year Jonah became the king the king. When Jonah father finished putting the crone on Jonah’s head he said “ As your king you must give me something and I’ll give you a place in my castle, and if not you will live in your smelling and trouble house you live in know” in a anger voice.

As Jonah’s father Named James walked into Jonah’s brother’s room he noticed that there were picture of animals and people running around having fun, he also noticed that they have names on the paper the first name was New Zealand, Africa, Malaysia, Japan, America and more. Well James was looking at all the pictures he decided to go and get his son.  

After packing all his clothes he waited for the morning to tell the people in the village That he is leaving. When it was morning the people come to the castle to hear the notice and the James said “ I’m leaving to go and find my son. I know he's out there and I’ll bring him back” everyone was happy but Jonah he was anger so he Said to the man who was going with his dad “ Make sure you kill him or your died instead” in a anger voice.

 The End 

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